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   Protocols (Phytophthora Related)
  DNA isolation from Black Pepper (2% CTAB, modified Doyle and Doyle protocol)
  Genomic DNA isolation of Phytophthora (Cooke and Duncan (1997) protocol)
  Detection and isolation of phytophthora from soil(ANANDARAJ & SARMA, 1990)
  Protocol for isolation of phytophthora (Erwin & Ribeiro, 1996)
  Protocol for determination of mating type of phytophthora (Erwin & Ribeiro, 1996)
  Protocol for isolation of endophytic fungi from black pepper((Arnold et al 2001)
    Protocols (Ralstonia Related)
  Detection Method for Ralstonia Solancearum in Soil
  Culturing Methods-Ralstonia Solancearum
   Protocols (Nematodes Related)
  Nematode Extraction
  Culturing of Nematodes
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