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Phytophthora Finder

Phytophthora spp exist worldwide. They are a devastating group of plant pathogens that cause disease in a wide range of agricultural, horticultural and ornamental plants.

More than 64 species of Phytophthora have been identified based on their morphological and physiological characteristics. In this database an attempt has been made to utilize the traditional keys for various species determination.


Select Asexual characters of Phytophthora

Hyphal Swellings

Chlamydospores Production

Chlamydospores Average diameter

Nature of Papilla
L:B ratio

Pedicel Length
Sporangiophore branching



Phytophthora News

Whole genome of Phytophthora fragariae, the causal agent of red core disease in strawberries, sequenced.

Phytophthora terminalis and Phytophthora occultans, two novel species infecting ornamental plants in Europe.

Helicase-dependent isothermal amplification (HDA) developed for on-site detection of Phytophthora species.

Phytophthora pachypleura another new species causing root rot of ornamentals in the United Kingdom described.

Two New Species, Phytophthora nagaii sp.nov. and P.Fragariaefolia sp.nov causing serious diseases on rose and strawberry plants, respectively.

Phytophthora obscura sp. nov., a new species of Phytophthora.


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