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  Botanical Name :  Garcinia cambogia
  Family : Clusiaceae
  Common Name :  Garcinia
  Garcinia is a small, sweet, exotic fruit native to South India and Southeast Asia. Garcinia has garnered a lot of attention of late as a popular natural weight loss aid. The reason is that the rind of this pumpkin like fruit is rich in a substance called hydroxycitric acid / HCA. This principal acid has been found to suppress the fatty acid synthesis, lipogenesis, food intake, and promotes glycogenesis, gluconeogenesis and induced weight loss. The plant contains tartaric, citric and phosphoric acids. The latex of G. cambogia contains two polyisoprenylated benzophenone derivatives, camboginol (I) and cambogin (II). Unlike chemical stimulants commonly used in weight loss products, G. cambogia does not act on the central nervous system. This means that it will not cause insomnia, nervousness, changes in blood pressure or heart rate and its effectiveness will not diminish with time. This database includes about 11 constituents present in Garcinia.
  Constituents (Alphabetical order)