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The Indian Institute of Spices Research, Calicut has played a phenomenal role in collecting and conserving the genetic resources of spices, which include cultivated, wild, hybrids and several endangered species. The national repository of spice germplasm maintained in ex situ and in situ conservatories are enriched regularly by undertaking collection surveys in primary and secondary centres of origin. Some of the valuable collections in the germplasm are endangered species like Piper barberi and P. arboretum. P. silentvalleyensis, P. sugandhi and P. nigrum var. hirtellosum are three new taxa identified and reported. Vanilla anadamanica; P. colubrinum, a source of resistance against Phytophthora, pollu beetle and Radopholus similis; multibranch types and natural katte resistant lines of cardamom

This database includes the information about various spices germplasm analysis. It gives information of Passport, Characterization, and Evaluation different spices. We hope these resources greatly encourage the progress of different spices research. The database is designed in the Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR), Calicut, Kerala.

DB Contents

Black Pepper Accession - 2317

Cardamom Accession - 436

Ginger Accession - 570

Turmeric Accession - 780