Spice Bibliography
The centre has assembled
Phytophthora Information Resource
  • PhytoWeb :A web resource for Phytophthora species. Contain Morphological and Molecular data (Nucleotide, Protein, Structure, Genome & Literature)
Biodiversity Informatics
Spice Genes
  • Spice Genes : Germplasm resources in spices: A database on the rich germplasm resources of various spice crops conserved at IISR.
Biochemical databases
  • PASSCOM (Predicted Activity Spectrum of Spices Compounds) : A Database of secondary metabolites of spices.
  • CardCC&MPbase : Database of chemical compounds and metabolic pathways in cardamom volatile oil.
  • Chitinase
  • Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase(PAL) Base
  • GSTLeadBase : The result of 55 phytochemicals from ten plants predicted and reported to have potential nematicidal activity along with ADMET satisfaction.
Biotechnolgy databases
  • PLASBID : Plant associated bacterial identification database .
  • Spice Prop: Internet resources in plant biotechnology: A web directory on various sources of information on plant biotechnology.
Spice Literature
  • Spice bibliography : A bibliographic database on spices.
  • Spice Doc : Research Publications from IISR (Available on CD)
  • Josac Cumulative Index - Cumulative index of the 'Journal of Spices & Aromatic Crops" published by Indian Society for Spices (Available on CD)
Spice Bibliography