Bioinformatics of Pathogen

    Genomics & Phylogenetics of Nematodes
  • Nematode phylogenetics and ITS analysis
  • Phylogeographic studies based on haplotype analysis

  • Studied orthology and constructed orthologous maps
  • EST based secretome analysis of the burrowing nematode – Radopholus similis
  • Nematicidal activity of Strychnos nuxvomica leaf and its constituents against the root-knot nematode, Meloidogyne incognita
  • Developed RADOBASE database
  • Analysed ESTs of various nematodes
  • Identified molecular markers - SNPs, SSRs, 18S, D2D3
  • Identified gene ontology and metabolic pathways
  • Studied gene regulation factors (microRNAs)
  • Initiated nematode transcriptomics
    1. Phytophthora Genomics
  • Analyzed ESTs & GSS of Phytophthora spp
  • Identified molecular markers - SNPs, SSRs
  • Studied gene identification and gene ontology
  • Identified metabolic pathways from EST
  • Amplification, cloning and in silico prediction of various effector/regulator/disease resistance genes from Phytophthora capsici
    1. Whole Genome & Transcriptome Sequencing Analysis
  • Sequenced whole genomes of two isolates of Phytophthora
  • The complete genome of Phytophthora capsici was structurally and functionally annotated
  • Blast homology based functional annotation revealed the presence of various proteins important for the survival of Phytophthora sp. in host plants and virulence associated proteins crucial for its infection
  • Conserved domain search was also conducted to make the functional annotation data accurate
  • Synteny plot between IISR 05-06 isolate and JGI has been conducted

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