Spice FeRt
Spice Fertilizer Recommendation for Targeted yield

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Soil test based fertilizer recommendation for targeted yield of spices (Spice FeRT)

For obtaining a particular yield, the plant takes up a definite amount of major nutrients. Once this requirement is known, the fertilizer requirement can be estimated taking into consideration the contribution from soil available nutrients and fertilizer use efficiency levels. This software is for getting fertilizer recommendations for the targeted yield based on the factors like initial soil fertility, nutrient required per unit yield (NR), contribution of nutrient from soil (CS) and contribution from fertilizer (CF) that were standardized, validated and recommended for major spice crops viz., black pepper, ginger, turmeric and cardamom. Through this targeted nutrient supply we can avoid imbalance of nutrients in soil, improve fertilizer use-efficiency and increase yield as compared to the blanket recommendation.
Contributors:   Dr.V Srinivasan,  Dr.R.Dinesh,  Dr. S J Ankegowda,  Dr.S.Hamza,  Mr.Jayarajan K,  Dr.Lijo Thomas, Dr.C K Thankamani,
Dr. K Kandiannan,  Dr. K S Krishnamurthy.
Contact Details: ICAR - Indian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode-673012, Kerala director.spices@icar.gov.in