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Welcome to PiperPep

Black pepper (Piper nigrum L) belongs to Piperaceae family. It is said that the Europeans ventured new world primarily because of this Spice crop.PiperPep is Experimantally generated protein peptide database,using the mass spectrometry derived data on black pepper,with the annotation of more than 1000 number of peptides.At present the database has the information on peptide sequences and its physiochemical properties and Antimicrobial peptides from this medicinally important Spice crop.

Our database with annotated peptides is the only resource on black pepper as the whole genome sequence of this crop is not available.This database will also be a reference for finding similar peptides from other plants also.



Piperpep is an experimentally generated database of peptides having more than 1000 peptides including 965 biologically important peptides and 36 antimicrobial peptides from black pepper. Information generated on peptieds from label free proteomics with annotation are given along with the physiochemical properties on each peptides. Piperpep has inbuilt BLAST Tool, Analysis Tool and MAP tool for identifying the similar peptides, analysis of peptide properties and mapping of the peptide.

This database is the first of its kind database and the only database resource on black pepper and is expected to cater to the needs of researchers working in balck pepper improvement programmes in the world and also the base for sequence annotation in black pepper.The Piperpep will be an informative database on peptides for other crops also