Spices Technologies


The information particularly on spices production technologies are very much essential for farmers and researchers.Technological information on different aspects of production viz., planting material or seed, land preparation, spacing, mulching, weed control, irrigation, nutrition, shade requirement, pest and disease management are generated at different centers.

It is proposed to collect information on all these aspects and synthesize into a database. It would serve as a common platform for information seeker on the aspects mentioned above. The perusal of the consolidated information generated also enables one to identify the gaps that would form the basis for further research.



Spices are grown throughout the country; however, few are location specific. Each state cultivates one or other spice. Black pepper and small cardamom mostly confined to southern states.

Each SAU’s has a research station to work on spices.Information generated on production technologies of spices from different research institutions is enormous and that are scattered.

It is worth to compile and create a common database for easy use/reference.The yield data from the research results would provide meaningful information on yield levels attained at different centers and it would cater needs of researcher, students and farmers.


image 1

To document the information generated on agro-techniques from different production centers.

image 2

To enumerate yield levels of spices at different zones

image 3

To work out relations between yield and geographical coordinates.

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